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For more than three decades, families and friends have come from miles around for the fresh roasted peanuts and specialty confectionery products at the Original Picard’s retail outlets

The home of the Canadian peanuts, Picard’s is owned and operated by the remaining Picard family members, John & sister Renee, who have been with the business since inception. The unique products were created by John Picard to add a diversity of products starting with Ontario peanuts and then to value-enhanced snack products. In the following years, unique products made with the finest chocolates, unique snacks like our "Crispy Potato Chip Covered Peanuts" and now our farm fresh Kettle Chips are all unique to Picard’s and are only found in the Original Picard’s stores – St.Jacobs, Talbotville, Waterdown, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Waterford. (With the sale of Picard Peanuts stores in Simcoe, Morriston, Fonthill and Woodstock – our original products are no longer available in these 4 locations.) We process over a half-million pounds of quality Jumbo Cocktail, Extra Fancy Virginia, Spanish, Ontario grown Valencia peanuts and other specialty nuts.

Peanut seeds are planted in May and by June small yellow flowers can be seen signalling a bountiful crop. The plants may be irrigated to reduce stress and encourage secondary flowering and peg setting. Yes, peanuts start to grow from the pollinated flowers above the ground attached to pegs that penetrate the soil and form the peanut underground. In late September, mature plants are dug up and left in the sun to partially dry. Combines pick up the sun-dried peanuts and remove them from their vines. Peanuts are washed, sorted and placed in wagons to be dried for storage. When completely dry the peanuts are graded and placed in cold storage until they are ready to be processed. Our peanuts are roasted weekly in order to deliver the freshest taste in every bite.



Olive-Me & Co. is an independently owned and operated company.  Olive~Me strives to offer unique Extra-Virgin Olive Oils, Gourmet Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars.  Each of our lovely olive oils and balsamic vinegars are hand poured/bottled, hand labeled, fresh corked and foil sealed by us!!!! You will also notice a special seal of quality on our very select Extra Virgin Olive Oils certified by the California Olive Oil Council to ensure that our customers can purchase with 100% confidence that their product has been fully lab tested and sensory evaluated by the council and COOC Generic it is 100% extra virgin. We also bring in select award winning olive oils from producers around the world.

We offer:

Wholesale bulk pricing for businesses, restaurants and wineries

Custom labeling/ bottling for events, wedding favours, corporate gifts etc.

Free Sampling

At Olive~Me & Co.  Come, let me take you to the countries of origin of the many Olive Oils and Balsamic vinegars just simply by sampling them.

Olive~Me & Co. has a passion for all thing’s olive, we bring the freshest available Extra Virgin Olive Oils and finest Balsamic Vinegars home, so everyone can enjoy great international cuisine in their very own homes. Our tasting room is unique, we have maintained the tradition of the freshest oils and most aged vinegars by sourcing our oils and vinegars by using artisan producers of fine oils and vinegars and following the northern and southern hemisphere olive crush cycles. We source all our olive oils ourselves directly with the actual producer, not third party or through third party vendors. This ensures our producers receive the most financial benefit for their product and ensures economic sustainability for themselves, their families and their business.

We continually strive to ensure the freshest oils and most aged balsamic vinegars are represented in our Tasting Room.

Experience! Experiment! Explore the infinite possibilities of combining our ultra-premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars before even having purchased them. Let us take your favourite oils and vinegars and blend them into your own favourite blend. If you do not choose to be that adventurous then we can also offer you pre-bottled flavours that you can choose from.

Come with me on a world tour of fine Extra-Virgin Olive Oils, Gourmet Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars that will tantalize your palate like never before. Let me bring a new perspective to your home-cooking, entertaining and special events. specialty food gift baskets


  At Goldie’s we have a variety of gifts, games and specialty food items. We thrive on supporting local businesses and 99% of Goldie’s is Canadian. We carry beautiful hand-crafted wooden games from “Michaud Toys”, such as cribbage, euchre, rummoli and crokinole. 

Goldie’s has fun and unique clocks, whether you are in to sports, animals, crafts or collectors we have one for just about everyone.

Goldie’s now carries 100% Therapeutic essential oils and diffusers from “Home Sweet Home” to help you relax, pick up your energy, and or to help fight against colds and flus. 

To add to our delicious 100% extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars we carry a wide variety of local honey, maple syrups, hot sauces (Uncle Chester’s and Screaming Hawk), mustard (Cressy’s)and spices.

Come on into Goldie’s let your taste buds savour our scrumptious product!

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